Hendrik Lai

Dr. Hendrik Lai is the co-founder of Sage Consulting. With decades of experience in the industry, Hendrik has a unique understanding of the struggle dentists face on a daily basis trying to balance their professional responsibilities with those of commercial realities. Over the years, he’s developed a proven, effective, and repeatable method for assisting dentists in optimizing their practices by striking this perfect balance while improving performance to spur further growth.

Through a successful dental career both as a private practice owner and business leader, Hendrik has refined and perfected his strategy for reaching sustainable growth in the field. His services have proven effective for private practices, group dentistry, and even public companies. As a result of this success, there’s been a wildly popular demand for Hendrik’s services from a wide range of clients including up-and-coming practices and global consulting firms.

Throughout his time in the field, Hendrik has held nearly every position from the dental office to the corporate boardroom. With this extensive experience, he brings a dynamic perspective to optimizing internal processes while leveraging scalable solutions for maximum growth. Hendrik is certified as a Quality Management System (QMS) auditor with the ability to design and input methods that promote team productivity and boost business growth. Hendrik attended the University of Adelaide where he received a dental degree. He also holds MS, EMBA, MBA, organizational leadership, and business analytics qualifications. He’s a Certified Manager, Chartered Management Consultant, as well as a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, the International Institute of Directors and Managers, and the Institute of Managers and Leaders.

He’s been recognized within the industry as an authority and pioneer with prominent features in dozens of popular outlets including ABC, CBS, Chanel Seven, and the Sydney Morning Herald. In order to share the expertise and knowledge gained from years of experience in the field, Hendrik founded Sage Consulting - a leading dental management consulting firm designed to help doctors optimize and grow their practices.

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